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Swinton Park Ltd,
Swinton Park,
North Yorks

Company Details

Swinton Park Ltd registered in England and Wales.
Registration No:3969380.
VAT No 747 1659 06

Bedrooms bookings, activities and events

Tel: 01765 680966

Email: reservations@swintonpark.com

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Restaurant Bookings and all other hotel enquiries

Switchboard: Tel: 01765 680900

Email: enquiries@swintonpark.com

Events: Group Bookings, Meetings, Conferences & Weddings

Tel: 01765 680972 / 680942

Email: events@swintonpark.com

Email: weddings@swintonpark.com

Spa Treatments & Experiences

Tel: 01765 680967

Email: spa@swintonpark.com